This is the press statement of the communities affected by the construction of the Mega Airport NAICM (by it’s abbreviation in spanish) declaring the socio environmental affectations to their territory and people. This information is public and has been present to the transition government of Mexico to demand the cancelation of the airport.

This are our complaints:

  • The construction of the NAICM has generated a huge social and environmental impact in the area around it because of 1) ​the extraction of stony material (tezontle, basalt, gravel, sand, tepetate); 2) transportation of stone material in tractor trucks;3)​ deposit of mud, stones and gravel of the construction
  • The eastern region of the state of México is the most affected and it includes 43 affected municipalities
  • Data from SCT indicate that ​36.56 million tons of stony material are needed for thefoundationsoiloftheNAICM
  • The GACM reports 1​19 authorized mines, but more than 150 are extracting stony material for the NAICM
  • The NAICM work involves the removal of ​5 million tons of earth and debris ​that must be deposited somewhere
  • In Tequesquinahuac, San Luis Huexotla and the Tlaminca ejido in Texcoco, the deposit of toxic sludge from the lake bed of Texcoco​ has been reported
  • In 28 municipalities in the area there is extraction of stony material for the NAICM project and​ circulation of more than three thousand tractors.
  • 17 municipalities have publicly denounced social and environmental damage caused by the extraction and transport of stony material

The main socio-environmental impacts:

  • Irreversible ecological damage due to the destruction of hills
  • Destruction of biodiversity​ (endemic flora and fauna)
  • Destruction of streams and springs
  • Destruction of aquifer recharge zones
  • Damage to health​ in 13 localities due to dust and noise from stony exploitation
  • Damage to homes​ in 20 municipalities by operation of mines and passage of gondolas
  • Damage to public goods by passing tractors: ejido roads, streets, roads, water tanks
  • Affectation to productive agricultural ​activities in 6 municipalities
  • Destruction of areas of architectural, archaeological and cultural value​ in six municipalities
  • Affectation to four areas that protected for environmental reasons:​ Cerro de Tezontlalli, Cerro Gordo, Cerro Colorado and San Nicolás Tlaminca
  • Breaking of the social fabric and deepening of community divisions​, especially where there has been a denunciation of affectations Violence in 8 locations: threats, arrests and ​two murder cases​, the most recent being that of ​Jesús Javier Ramos Arreola​, an opponent of the destruction of hill of Tenayo, which occurred in the municipality of Tlalmanalco on September 28. These data have been systematized with the support of the researcher Fernanda Paz Salinas, from the Regional Center for Interdisciplinary Research.
Map of affectations of the New Airport of Mexico City #NAICM #YoPrefieroElLago

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